In 2016 Native Workplace, Inc. created the Inter-Tribal Hemp Association as a strategy for our tribal clients
that have feral hemp growing on their lands. Currently this has about a 7-8 state reach that included millions
of acres of naturalized hemp. This tribally driven and operated association is for the purpose of tribes to
engage in collaborative projects together, pool resources, to harvest and utilize their own tribal hemp and
seed, protect their naturalized hemp seed from theft, vet companies and consultants pitching projects to
tribes, enter the USDA Bio Preferred Federal contracting program and industry with hemp products made
from their naturalized hemp.

It had also come to our attention that naturalized hemp seeds were being taken from tribal lands, renamed
and used in projects from Kentucky to Israel with no compensation for tribes whatsoever. For example, seeds
taken from Pine Ridge are being used in Kentucky to make millions of dollars for years to come yet the Oglala
tribe will see no revenue. The Inter-Tribal Hemp Association is also to be used at a legal protective arm to
protect this valuable resource yet unrecognized by tribes.

Why this Effort So Critical?

In 2015-2016 while performing our work for tribal clients in Nebraska, we discovered language in the
Controlled Substances Act that will allow Tribes to legally make product from their existing naturalized
hemp. Tribes don't have to wait to engage in costly projects of cultivation which are currently in a legal
quagmire. There are still processing issues due to lack of hemp processing machinery that operate effectively.
This tribally driven association is to assist tribes with legitimate business development, with legal and
decision making committees where each tribe is represented by a member of their choice.

Native Workplace initiated and trademarked the Inter-Tribal Hemp Association however we will not be
operating it as it will be, and should be, a tribally operated organization.

The website has been online since 2016 and is expected to grow as we continue implementing in our
national strategies and alliances with tribes nationwide.

We applaud and support tribally driven efforts such as the
California Native American Cannabis Association
and will be working together with them as they add tribes to their national organization currently consisting
of 20 tribes.

"The California Native American Cannabis Association is composed of federally recognized Tribal
Governments dedicated to protecting the sovereign right of Tribes to provide regulated, legal cannabis
products to their communities, and engage in the economic development of legal, safe, and high-quality
cannabis products for California consumers."

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