Our primary focus is to foster development through community education.  
Our specialty is creating innovative planning specifically designed for Indian country.
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Native Workplace, Inc.

720 S. Eugene Rd.

Palm Springs, CA

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Native Workplace has been dedicated to community education for more than 20 years yet with cannabis it
has never been more crucial. When combined with a small feasibility study, the combination gives tribes a
solid starting point before deciding an approach to economic development.

We provide full scope education and focus on the global and herbal history,
tribal community issues, legalities, new science and medical applications.
This includes a variety of business options tribes could consider including non-
cultivation projects such as supply chain manufacturing and light assembly.
Our presentations resonate because we are tribal members and understand
the nuances in Indian country. Tribal members can learn about hemp/cannabis
and have a chance to have their questions and concerns addressed respectfully.

We realize some tribes will never want to cultivate hemp or medical cannabis
and want our community to know that there are other great opportunities to
consider in both of these industries.

Native Workplace and Grow Hemp Colorado have joined forces to form a strategic alliance on their popular
website Hempslist.com.  This philanthropic partnership creates a Tribal Hemp Marketplace for Native
artisans and business owners to promote their art, products and services at no cost.
Native Workplace Announces The Tribal Hemp Marketplace on HempsList!