Community involvement is vital, and our presentations resonate because we are tribal members and understand
the nuances unique to Indian country.

Education is important not just for tribal council members making decisions, but also so tribal members can gain
true knowledge about hemp and cannabis and have a chance to have their questions and concerns addressed.

Many tribes are looking at this opportunity solely from a financial standpoint vs the medicinal benefits for their
own tribal members. Also, we are seeing tribes engaging with companies that don't often provide a broad
spectrum of opportunity and only discuss one option. As we have seen this has led to many problems.

Consider a feasibility report and community education first, then decision makers will know which existing assets
can be applied to opportunity for the best fit.

We come in with several speakers for a variety of presentations and host a one day educational forum for your
tribal council, law enforcement, health care professionals, rehabilitation program directors and general tribal

We realize some tribes will never want to grow cannabis and understand there are other opportunities to consider.

                                      Education Before Medication!
Community Education
Our primary focus is to foster development through community education.  
Our specialty is creating innovative planning specifically designed for Indian country.
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