Our primary focus is to foster development through community education.  
Our specialty is creating innovative planning specifically designed for Indian country.

We realize many tribes are in a learning process, we think
it's important to be educated prior to entering deals with
companies. Therefore, we are working diligently to
provide solid information.  There are hundreds of
opportunities but they need to be planned wisely.

Our areas of focus and expertise:

  • Community Education
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Medicine Workshops
  • Manufacturing
  • Workforce Training
  • Tribal College R&D Projects
  • Project Management
Since 2002, we have had many contracts with federal
agencies and tribes, for past performance see our
Bio and Board of Directors.
Hemp and Cannabis Industry:
Tribal Project Planning
NWP Events and Projects
Community Education and Workshops
Native Workplace has been dedicated to community
education for more than 15 years. Now it's time to
educate and relearn this medicine.

We are geared towards full scope education with a focus
on the history, tribal community issues, the legalities,
medical applications, workforce and a variety of
business options tribes could consider.
NWP in the News and on the Radio
Conferenece and Patient Videos
Gabe Douglas (Lakota/Ojibwa/Cheyenne) Age 18
Patient Advocate Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado

Coltyn Turner Age 16 - Crohn's Disease Patient Advocate

Matt Kahl, Combat Veteran, Founder/Executive Director-
Veterans for Natural Rights

Indo Expo Tribal Panel Full panel from Denver Conference
Patients are at the heart of our efforts. To hear their stories
reminds us of why cannabis and hemp medicines are so
important. From veterans to the youth, these plants are  
helping lives. These patient videos are from the Tribal
Tracks NWP hosted at the National Cannabis Summit in 2015
earth: "mother dirt"  e'-nah-wah'-dut
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Articles Referencing the MAPS Study
Interested in applying for the study? For reasons pertaining
to the study, MAPS needs to answer detailed questions to
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the application process.

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